A team of young and energetic minds realized the need for a channel where people can attain feedback more effectively, along with a deficiency in the market for photo-based survey apps. They wanted to develop a social networking application that can help its users to answer life’s various questions. Connect with their friends or the public to ask and answer questions, then view results updated in real time. Send GoNo’s to their closest friends-or release them to the public for even more feedback.


We have plenty of social networks today which allows us to connect with our friends, family and other people all over the world. We can share our thoughts and things we like. But what if we wanted to connect with our friends and others with a different purpose rather than just sharing stuff? In life we take several decisions every day. Life often throws at us situations where we’re to choose between 2 options or alternatives and make a decision. Some decisions are big and important like which college to go to, which company to choose for a job, etc. while others are small and not so crucial but yet equally confusing like where should you go on a trip, should you buy this cool pair of shoes, which restaurant to eat, etc. We rely heavily on what our friends say or what public opinion is.


This idea sprung into a very interesting project to build as well. E2logy set up two teams – one for developing the website and other for developing the iPhone app since a social network can reach maximum reach and usage only if it is available on both platforms – mobile and web.

E2logy started with the primary features of creating user accounts and managing their profiles. Users could also choose to sign in using their Facebook accounts which would be beneficial because they can directly find if any of their Facebook friends are already using GoNo or not. Users are able to create a GoNo i.e. basically a survey where user can upload 2 images representing 2 options and put up a question describing the dilemma the user is facing. User can invite his Facebook friends and also others to participate and provide their opinion on it. User would be able to share the results of his GoNo on social networks anytime while the survey is active. In addition to that user can also choose to make the GoNo private or public.


The result is GoNo, an elegant yet simple polling and decision-making application. The application provided a service that brought people closer together, facilitated the sharing and exchanging of opinions, and does so in a way that’s fun and easy to use.