The client was looking for a robust easy to use fitness studio booking software that can help studio business owners in managing their businesses better. They wanted to provide a SaaS platform to the studio owners that can allow them to easily manage the day-today chores of their studio like members onboarding, classes management, class bookings etc. and also help them know the critical information about their classes and other important aspects in real-time from anywhere at anytime.


There are lots of creative entrepreneurs out there in the world who have pursued their field of passion and have set up their own businesses in the fields they were talented in. We often see people starting businesses like a Pilates center, a dance studio, a Kung Fu training center, a gym, etc. These are all creative and talented people. They love focusing on the service they are rendering to their members. But having to handle the business part of the job involving tasks like doing all paper work, member management, class schedules, billing, etc. might get exhausting. Hiring people to do these tasks would be adding to the monthly costs and expenditure and also building a custom business management portal from scratch for managing their business would be cost-intensive and would take time to develop as well.


To best solve the challenge E2logy started building a web portal for Studio Bookings Online which would have a front end website where in business owners would be able to come and register their businesses and enter the necessary information which would eventually set up a studio for them where they would be able to manage their business.

The platform provided features to allow business-owners a dashboard from where they would be able to manage their members, their attendance, their profiles, their membership details, their payment details, reminding them for renewals, etc. Owners would be able to also perform tasks like roster management & roll call, attendance management, instructor management, setting up replacement instructor, register new members of guests, etc within a single Check-In session. Apart from member management, the owners would also be able to manage their schedule and classes using an interactive calendar. The interactive calendar would allow them to add, modify, cancel, duplicate or suspend classes. The members would be notified instantly about the change in classes when owner updates it. Google Calender was integrated with the system giving the owners flexibility of synchronizing their calendars and events. Reports generation and analysis is an important part of any business and our studio management tool would be able to generate very vital reports about schedule detail, popular classes, details about packages purchased, current memberships details, etc. and many more, for every studio owner.

The members who have subscribed to the businesses registered on Studio Bookings Online portal would have a separate exclusive account as well. They can log in their accounts and perform several important tasks like check class availability, add themselves to full class waiting list, view/update card balance, renew their memberships, get notified about updated/canceled classes and see information about them, etc. The renewal fees would be handled by BlueFin when members choose to renew their memberships, thus offering total integration with Studio Bookings Online.


StudioBookings was built as a Yoga Studio Software, simple and affordable enough for any studios. It is having the best user interface, rock-solid features, outstanding customer service and most importantly, allows all studios to increase revenue with less work.

So, all in all, it is a complete end-to-end solution for business owners to manage their studio-firms without any trouble.