The client wanted to help people easily find a good bottle of wine that not only suits the occasion but also fits their budget range. They approached E2logy with a requirement to develop a solution that can allow the users to browse through thousands of wines across 50+ retail chains with ability to filter the wines using a number of filters such as specific store, type of wine, occasion, food its suitable with, flavors/palates etc. They also wanted to allow the users to view additional details about the selected wine such as reviews of professional wine testers so that they can easily choose a wine without spending unnecessary time in going through the wine aisles in different stores.


While browsing through the supermarkets, shopping and looking for a bottle of wine, more often that not one finds himself looking at the huge stacks of bottles in the wine aisle, confused over which bottle to buy. The primary concerns of the man in problem are which bottle would be best for him? Will it serve the purpose and be suitable for their event or meal? How will it taste? Is the price right for the bottle or is he paying more than its worth?


Now, since the primary point of focus was that the users should be able to use the service conveniently from their home or even while browsing through the stores, E2logy had to directly come up to the decision of offering the service through smart phones so that people could use it on the go while they are walking through the wine aisle. E2logy started up by developing apps for iPhone and Android devices as together these two constitute the majority of smart phone consumers.

The app was simple and easy to use and navigate through. Users could search for a wine suitable to them. For this search feature, the app would allow them to enter the store they are looking into, the price range of wine, type of wine they want, the food they will be having with it, flavors/palates, etc. so that the app would suggest them the best wine suitable to their preferences. This feature would be very powerful since it allows users to check for wines from specific supermarket. This allows them to check for a wine while they are actually in the store browsing through the wine aisle. The app covers over 50 of the largest chains like Trader Joe’s, Costco, and Whole Foods, so the users always find the best wines in a store around them.

Apart from searching for a wine, users would also be able to browse through the list of wines listed in the system. If they find any interesting wine in the list, they can click on it and get more details about it, read or watch videos of experts’ reviews on it. If they like any wine in particular, they can favorite it and add it to their favorites in My Wines section, add few notes of their own, rate that wine by giving stars and also share it with their friends over Facebook and Twitter.

Professional team of reviewers taste hundreds of wines every month and gather their reviews and remove the bad bottles of wine so that users get the filtered list which ensures good quality of wine and encourages them to experiment with new wines that they haven’t tasted before. Thus on the whole WineFinder application helps the users to easily figure out a good bottle of wine quickly saving time and avoiding bad experiences.

The Android and iPhone apps were developed in their respective native frameworks and some salient developing modules include using Core Data (in iPhone app) for storing user’s My Wines locally in the device, and YouTube player for playing videos inside the app.


Wine Finder is a tool that collects detailed wine reviews from professional wine tasters and recommends the best bottles suitable to users, filtering out the bad bottles. Reading the reviews would help users in getting to know the new bottles which they are looking forward to experimenting with. Also it also shows pictures of the bottle making the things very easy for the person looking to purchase a new bottle of wine from the supermarket. It allows the uses to enter the type of wine they are looking for, flavor and palates details, type of food they will be having with it, etc. so that it can show them the list of wines best suited to them. The solution is comfortable to use while user is at home or while the user is out shopping at the store. Connoisseur or not, it is a helpful guide for all wine enthusiasts and casual drinkers as well so that they can assure themselves of always getting the best bottle.