Ayodeji Olubusi, CEO of Burnivine Media Consulting LLC was looking for a taxi reservation platform that can allow the customers to book the cabs without the need to install multiple applications from various taxi booking service providers. The platform should also allow the cab drivers to easily receive booking requests and serve the customers. They approached E2logy with this requirement seeking a suitable solution.


There are lots of taxi service apps in the market today. But the issue is majority of them are focused on providing service for a particular cab company or unions. Due to this what happens is users have to install particular apps in order to receive services from a particular cab company. This has several downsides like high cab union charges, exclusive and expensive taxi rates, lack of flexibility in options limited locations of service, etc. Ayodeji Olubusi, CEO of Burnivine Media Consulting LLC was looking for a better solution on this matter.


To achieve this solution E2logy developed an iPhone application which would fulfill the aforementioned purpose. The reason to deliver the product on an iPhone was because it was the most common and prevalent mode of communication between the taxi drivers and riders. Since this product requires instantaneous communication and actions it wouldn’t have been advisable to make the product as a desktop app or a web app as well since the main purpose of the product is to seek and deliver taxi services. So, a static delivery mode wouldn’t have made perfect sense, thus making an iPhone app was the most sensible option, since iPhones are very popular these days.

The app was called City Circulator and both the type of users was required to sign in using their Facebook accounts in order to log in and use its services. Riders looking for a ride could search for Taxi drivers available nearby on the map after fetching rider’s current location. The rider could select any driver of his choice and see his profile. The selected driver can quote for the trip which can be accepted / rejected by the rider with an option for negotiation. This whole system works with Push notifications as its backbone. Both, riders and drivers are notified by sending push notifications that were sent from Burnivine Media’s server which hosted the API and back-end of the system.


The end result is a common platform that is above the limitations of individual applications. The platform was used by the drivers regardless of their geographical location, or the company they work. The platform is useful for riders seeking taxi services as well, as it provides them flexibility of finding drivers in different cities, from different companies and negotiate rates of different drivers and choose the best from the available options. The platform is a win-win case for both parties because riders can look for drivers from more than one cab company operating in different cities and also it is beneficial for drivers since it gives them better reach to potential customers.