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Some Of The Best Frameworks for Machine Learning

When you are looking for a good machine learning framework, you would be spoilt for choice. Most ML frameworks take a long time to master, hence the choice of which one to go with needs to be made after adequat...


Five Use Cases of Artificial Intelligence in Daily Life

For years we have read books and seen movies about the way robots and machines will take over our world. We have been fed scenarios of how machines would develop human thinking abilities and ultimately replace ...


Magento vs WooCommerce – Which one is Better?

Whether someone needs to find out about the day’s weather, or get some help with their fitness goals, or simply needs to find a good restaurant in a new locality they are visiting, there is some or the other we...


Designing High Converting Website Pop Ups That Entice Visitors

Ever came across a pop up that is so loud and aggressive that you literally felt it being thrown in your face? Ofcourse, you would have come across many. How do you feel when you come across such pop ups? Obvio...


Starting an Online Store With a Tiny Budget

To start a brick-and-mortar store, a huge investment is required, which consists of the costs of taking up a physical shop for the storefront (even a small space can cost a lot, maybe around $30,000) , monthly ...


Some Incredible Ways To Make Your Blog Stand Out

To blog is to share, connect, create, and inspire. Blogging is mostly about creating an emotional connection with your readers and providing them with unique and valuable information. Before starting your blog,...


Everything That Matters In Making a Great Mobile App

Every great app that matters today has undergone a vigorous app development, design, and testing procedure. And all of it involved the consideration of things and elements which matters in making the app great....


Surefire Ways To Increase Conversions On Your Website

“It’s much easier to double your business by doubling your conversion rate than by doubling your traffic.” -Jeff Eisenberg Getting good traffic on your website is important beyond doubt, but retaining and conve...


How you can boost conversion by sending push notifications via your app

Arianna Huffington has said quite right that your users should be able to control when and how frequently they want information, not the reverse. But well, that’s no bad news, if you’re thinking it to be. Peopl...


Ready to earn billions by collecting and selling data through your own mobile app?

While installing an app on your smartphone, how many times have you come across the dialogue box which says that the app wants permission to access your contacts, device ID and call info, location, storage, med...