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Make Your Android Device Safe From Virus Attack

Since smartphone has become the primary platform to use the Internet. It has also become a target for external attacks like hacking, malware, spyware and other viruses etc. Android is the leading mobile operati...


Google Android Pay – How Does it Work

Android is the biggest mobile platform in the whole world. It has the biggest share in the global mobile market and covers approximately 85% of a total number of mobile phones in the global market. So it was no...


Why 2017 Would be the Year of Mobile Security

Businesses have found smartphones as the best platform to reach to their customers and in 2016 we saw the global impact of smartphones in every business sector. Even politics is now a beneficiary of smartphones...


Pros and Cons of Using a Mobile Wallets

Mobile wallets have become the modern trend of online payment. rather than doing the tedious job of putting card information every single time for online payment now users can easily pay through their mobile wa...


Do yo remember Nokia – It is coming back with Nokia 6

Nostalgia is a strange thing. It takes us back in our lives when things were different and little bit easy. Ten years back Nokia was the biggest mobile giant and there was a range of mobile phones available to ...


8 Excellent Health Apps that Guide You Towards a Healthy Living

Health apps are revolutionizing the healthcare sector by increasing awareness among people as well as offering smart and efficient ways of tracking health issues. Not only health freaks but more and more people...


Apple October 2016 Event Unveils New MacBook Pro, TV App and More

In the Apple October 2016 event, organized on 27th of the month at the company headquarters in Cupertino, California, a range of new and exciting offerings were unveiled. Tim Cook took the stage, ceremonio...


How to Develop Great Mobile Gaming Apps

Mobile gaming is one of the most popular means of entertainment these days. The concept began years ago with simple games like the Snake game but now you can battle with zombies, defend your castle and can do w...


Check Out What Windows 10 Has in Store for You

It’s been quite some time since the release of Windows 10 and those who have already upgraded their OS are surely enjoying its new and exciting features. There are some major improvements that make it way bette...


Benefits of Using PhoneGap for Cross Platform Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are in vogue these days and every mobile user prefers to have everything just a click away. Amid the myriad of apps, developing every now and then, cross platform apps are garnering huge popularity ...