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Why are Enterprise Applications So Handy for Better Management

At some point in time, almost all enterprises, big or small, have struggled with the problem of managing themselves in a better manner. Haven’t you? Surely the time has gone when enterprises just settled with w...


10 cool Google Chrome tips to save your online time

If Google chrome is your favorite web browser and you spend most of your online time on Chrome and here are some tips which can save your time and do works in less time – 1. Pick your most used web page b...


Best Practices in Web Analytics

Web analytics comprises collecting, analyzing and reporting of web data with the aim of determining the success of business operations and devising new and more effective techniques to achieve goals faster...


How Enterprise Application Integration Benefits Businesses?

Since the past few decades, enterprises of all sizes are depending hugely on software applications for carrying out critical business operations. Be it acquiring business intelligence, communicating among teams...


Real World Applications of Big Data Analysis

Big data analysis has created a lot of buzz in recent times and several sectors have identified that it can be a big game changer. With the increasing adoption of this technology, all the modern industries are ...


Common Security Threats to Enterprise Apps

Enterprises are inclining more and more towards enterprise apps for simplifying as well as speeding up business processes. Experts have predicted that by the year 2017, about 25% of the enterprises will have th...


How Analytics is Changing the Ecommerce Industry

Ecommerce industry is evolving at a great pace. Being a platform between buyers and sellers, such companies strive to provide a great user experience through their website. However, to get noticed in the sea of...