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How to Build Your Own REST API using Yii2 Platform

There are a number of third-party APIs (application programming interface) which give you a lot of flexibility in how you use them. If there is a particular app development that works across different platforms...


The Most Popular Frameworks and Libraries That Can Be Used For Vue.js

There are some monolithic frameworks which can be used for building interfaces. But there are also some progressive frameworks which can be designed from scratch and are quite flexible in their use. One such pr...


Technology Stack That You Must Use For The Mobile App Development Projects

  Every small or large business company yearns to have a powerful and well developed app to interact with their customers these days. However, it is not simply enough to come up with an app. The whole idea...


Unable to Earn Much Profits With Your Website? Here Are Some Remarkable Ways

At the end of the day, all that matters is profit. Isn’t it? But profit is not something to think of or add on at the end. Rather, it is something to plan for in the beginning itself. And, it is connected with ...


With The Rising Usage Of Shopping Apps, Retail Industries Gain Traction

The rise in the usage of shopping apps is a clear indication of one thing, which is that majority of people now prefer them more than the traditional brick and mortar stores. According to a survey conducted by ...


Digital Wallets: Redefining Online Transactions

We never cease to demand more, be it convenience, options or any thing that makes our lives even better and enjoyable. Years ago, shopping mainly relied on cash but gradually plastic money, ATM and debit cards,...


8 Advantages of Custom Applications in Business

Web and mobile apps are revolutionizing the businesses by simplifying and speeding up the procedures. If you too are planning to have one for your enterprise, you would come across two options: off-the shelf, w...


7 Interesting Features that iOS 9.3 Offers

Apple has already released iOS 9.3 and those who have upgraded their iPhone and iPad with the new version are surely enjoying some very cool features. Since the launch of iOS 9, this is the third major update t...