Why Do You Need Web Analytics?

Time and again technology has brought revolutionary tools and concepts to the business arena, offering huge benefits. However, skepticism still prevails around some of them as many business entities are still not sure how these tools can fit in their business and help in attaining goals. Web analytics is one such tool and many entrepreneurs are still facing the dilemma of whether to adopt it or not. For any business having digital presence, measuring and analyzing the behavior of website or visitors is crucial. Measuring such metrics is important so that efforts could be made in the right direction to achieve business objectives. And, this very task can be accomplished in an organized and efficient way through web analytics. Web analytics can benefit businesses in a number of ways including creation of sales opportunities, lead generation, targeting specific audience and many more. It generates important insights about businesses that can be used to adopt a more focused approach for improved work flow and better results.

Here are some of the prominent reasons why you need web analytics:

Monitor Users and Visitors

Web analytics lets you know who your visitors are, how they came to know about your website and how long they stayed on it. You can monitor their activity on the site, what keywords they used to reach your website, number of visitors who returned to your site and which web pages most of them preferred. Such information are extremely useful, using which you make constructive changes.

Bounce Rate Tracking

When visitors leave a web page without clicking on any link or taking any action it is called bounce. If a web page has high bounce rate, it implies that the visitors are not finding anything interesting or useful on it. Tracking bounce rate for every web page is important to improve the user experience and to boost traffic.

Target Audience Identification

Understanding the needs of visitors and clients is important for conversation optimization. Market demands often vary with geographical locations. If you figure out the demands of a particular location you can make better offerings. Web analytics helps in tracking the performance of business with respect to demographics data, including gender and age, and target the audience in a better way.

 Design Effective Marketing Campaigns

Web analytics allows the marketers to design effective campaigns and measure their performance. It helps them to employ their resources in the appropriate channel or campaign which leads to high ROI. It’s important to understand what’s working and what’s not so that time and money can be invested for optimizing the strategies.

Website Optimization

Once you gather all the relevant information about your clients and visitors, you can bring in effective changes to optimize your website. You can strengthen your marketing initiatives by better targeting the ads and increase conversion rate. You can streamline your site navigation for assisting the visitors, redesign it and improve the content to make the browsing experience better.

Free Services

Web analytics comprises several tools, many of which offer free services. Using these powerful yet free tools has almost become an industry standard and the companies looking for better business opportunities can use them to achieve goals faster.

Detailed Comparison of Historical Data

Using web analytics, not only you can get crucial data about the visitors like which platforms and devices they are using to browse your website and many more, but can also compare how much the statistics has improved over time. This tells you whether your efforts are leading to better results or you should change your strategy. Additionally, you can also compare trends for any length of time to understand the online behavior of customers. Your organization can get custom reports through emails which are very helpful and time saving.

Whether you have a startup or an established firm, web analytics could benefit you in great many ways. It can help you formulate better business strategies and achieve goals faster.


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