Putting more and more effort isn’t enough. In this competitive world, you need to evaluate the performances and outcomes to reach the desired goal. To help you with this complex job, we offer web and mobile analytics that assess data, generate insights and provide suggestions to streamline operations and increase efficiency.

Google Analytics

We offer set-up, analyzing, and consulting services for Google analytics to help you improve site performance. We perform in-depth analysis of website metrics, providing you with new and relevant insights about your web pages. Our expertise also encompasses Google analytics for mobile through which we track significant information such as purchases and time spent on your app. Our analytics experts help in increasing brand awareness and optimizing strategies for better results. Understanding the behavior of users is important to modify the apps and websites in order to provide them with a better user experience.

Google Analytics

Facebook Analytics

We also offer set-up, analysis and consulting services for Facebook analytics which has now emerged as a powerful analytics tool. Facebook analytics for apps helps in understanding the app users and optimize their experience. The tool also helps you to get deeper insights about your audience, including their gender, age, interests, education, language and country. Understanding their online behavior is important for designing effective campaigns and building better experiences. Facebook analytics allows you to evaluate the customers well and optimize your app accordingly to boost sales, retention and other significant parameters.

Mobile Analytics

Day by day people are growing fonder of mobiles, doing every task and accessing all the information through their handy device. To analyze the behavior of visitors for your mobile website or app we offer mobile analytics so that you can understand the processes better and churn out new ideas to improve outcome. With heightening usage of mobile phones, it’s very important to assess the data of mobile websites and apps to understand how much the device is contributing to your cause.We also provide support for mobile analytics using Amazon and Flurry.

Mobile Analytic


Data analytics is the evaluation of data from various organizational domains like sales, purchase, customer, inventory and others, with the aim of optimizing operations and deriving useful inferences. Our experts develop custom applications for inspecting, modeling and transforming the raw data of your organization. Data analytics allows you to verify existing theories or business models, establish hidden relationships, identify undiscovered patterns and generate valuable insights, all of which, together, contribute towards better decision making. We employ multiple approaches and techniques to churn out useful suggestions, conclusions and information, helping you to enhance work efficiency. Constant analysis of various parameters is important to streamline operations, so that the goals can be attained faster.

Mobile Analytics


We develop dashboards, charts, and reports for quick visibility and analysis of business data from underlying database. Based on your work culture and infrastructure, we customize them to suit your working style. They help in having a unique overview of data and a thorough understanding of the processes which are extremely important, so that efforts can be put in the right direction to improve outcome.